I have a back problem… so why are we working on my abs?

Nearly every one of my patients that comes to see me for back pain, regardless of the source of the pain (bulging disc, strained it while lifting, poor posture etc.), will get a pelvic tilt as their first exercise. Why? Because I’m sure you and I, and the rest of the average people out there […] Read More...
physical therapy shoulder specialist Surprise AZ

Shoulder Pain Specialist in Surprise

If you have been suffering from shoulder pain, you might be trying to ignore the pain, or you could be trying to deal with it by taking over-the-counter pain medication. However, you should never ignore shoulder pain. Instead, you should see a shoulder specialist in Surprise, such as one of the professionals at Vital Care Rehabilitation physical […]

Osteoarthritis Pain Relief in Surprise AZ

Osteoarthritis Pain Relief in Surprise AZ

Knee Arthritis – A Very Common Problem Knee pain is one of the more common musculoskeletal complaints among adults. So if you are looking for osteoarthritis pain relief in Surprise AZ, read more about why seeing one of our clinical experts is a great first choice. Because the knee is critical to so many movements […]

total knee replacement rehab Surprise

Knee Replacement Rehab in Surprise

Vital Care Rehabilitation specializes in joint replacement rehabilitation We see patients on a regular basis that have arthritis-related knee pain.  Sometimes physical therapy isn’t enough and patients need surgery. For osteoarthritis of the knee, a total knee replacement (TKR) is the most common procedure.  It’s no simple surgery either but the pain relief can be significant.  […]

neck specialist in Surprise

Neck Specialist in Surprise – Neck Motion

Our neck specialist in Surprise, had some comments regarding a recent study in Spine as it pertains to the motion of your neck and pain. Did you know that neck motion decreases with age but it is usually painless? Neck pain is a common condition that affects the upper (cervical) spine, and most cases is […]

Sports Therapy In Surprise

Experienced Sports Therapy in Surprise AZ

Looking For Sports Therapy In Surprise, AZ? You are not alone. We work with numerous athletes. According to a recent NCAA (AP) release, the first week of the 2015 football season has been marred by serious injury. Many will be season ending events for the athlete. Others will have to endure a two to eight […]

Knee Pain Specialist In Surprise

An Exceptional Knee Pain Specialist In Surprise

Looking For A Knee Pain Specialist In Surprise? When you need a knee pain specialist in Surprise, you have some choices. Before you make an appointment, it’s smart to think about your knee pain, your lifestyle, and what you hope to get out of treatment. Here are a few questions to ask yourself (and to […]


Stop Suffering, Get Ankle Pain Treatment in Surprise

Do You Need Ankle Pain Treatment In Surprise? If you’ve been suffering from constant or intermittent ankle pain, it’s time to get help. Perhaps you feel like it’s a part of your life that you have to accept. Or maybe you don’t recall specifically injuring your ankle, so you feel like it’s minor and will just […]


Looking For Sciatica Treatment in Surprise?

If you are looking for sciatica treatment in Surprise, Vital Care Rehab can help. How to obtain Sciatica pain relief  often mystifies new sufferers. Patients need help understanding that Sciatica is really “irritation of the Sciatic nerve,” and that this nerve “comes from either side of the lower spine and travels through the pelvis and […]

physical rehabilitation specialist in surprise

Physical Rehabilitation Specialist In Surprise

Be The Best You Can Be With A Physical Rehabilitation Specialist In Surprise When you need a physical rehabilitation specialist in Surprise, the area offers several choices. Certainly, your schedule and recommendations will help you narrow those choices, but selecting a specialist who will best help you should be the force that drives your decision. […]