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Looking For Sports Therapy In Surprise, AZ?

You are not alone. We work with numerous athletes.

According to a recent NCAA (AP) release, the first week of the 2015 football season has been marred by serious injury. Many will be season ending events for the athlete. Others will have to endure a two to eight week rehab and recovery before re-entering the game. The listed injuries run the gamut from a broken collarbone to knee and Achilles tendon injuries.

Whether it be K – 12 or a college sports program, injuries will likely happen in most schools. USA Today reports that 1.35 million youth athletes a year suffer injury with the majority consisting of strains, sprains and fractures. The sports that rank highest for injury are, not surprisingly, football, basketball and soccer. Injuries are an inherent risk to any sport. Yet, coaches and game officials take on their share of heat when life changing injuries affect a young player.

The NCAA’s psychology of sports injury webpage has listed the skills and challenges facing athletes that have been injured:

  • Skill #1 – Understanding the nature of the injury and treatment will empower the athlete to fully engage in their rehabilitation process.
  • Skill #2 – Understanding rehabilitation goals will help provide a road map for success in returning to play.
  • Skill #3 – Building a team to meet the challenges and demands of the rehabilitation process will help the athlete overcome feelings of isolation… and builds confidence in recovery.

Sports Physical Therapy

Sports physical therapy is a specialized practice that focuses on prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement of the physically active individual. This includes pre-participation screenings, equipment recommendations, prescribed fitness programs, and much more. Sports physical therapists incorporate the most current research into their practice to help the active individual fully participate in sports and recreation.

The following are interventions often provided by sports physical therapists:

At Vital Care Rehab, we are skilled at sports injury rehabilitation, including back pain treatment, fractures and sprain rehabilitation. When a sports injury occurs in younger athletes, having a team that understands the dynamics of growing bones and tissue is vital.

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