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Shoulder Pain Specialist in Surprise

If you have been suffering from shoulder pain, you might be trying to ignore the pain, or you could be trying to deal with it by taking over-the-counter pain medication. However, you should never ignore shoulder pain. Instead, you should see a shoulder specialist in Surprise, such as one of the professionals at Vital Care Rehabilitation physical therapy. These are some of the reasons why.

Taking OTC Pain Medicine is Not a Good Long-Term Strategy

Even though it might provide you with some relief now, it’s not a good idea to take over-the-counter pain medication in the long term. It’s not good for your liver, for example. Plus, you can gain a high tolerance to it and may find that you need to take more and more or that your pain just isn’t going away like it used to, particularly over time. By seeing a shoulder specialist in Flatbush, you can get to the root of the problem instead of constantly taking more and more medication.

Avoid Injuring Yourself Worse

Depending on what is wrong with your shoulder, you could actually injure yourself worse by continuing to use your shoulder without seeking treatment. A shoulder pain specialist in Surprise can help you determine what is wrong with your shoulder and can provide physical therapy and other options to make the situation better rather than worse.

Clinical Research Supports Seeing a Physical Therapist First

Consider this clinical research published by Daniel Rohn, PT.  His study concluded:

One group received physical therapy twice a week for three weeks. The therapists evaluated weakness, mobility and pain and performed stretches, contract-relax techniques and reinforcing exercises on the shoulder or upper spine area. They also prescribed at-home exercises for the patients.

Patients in the other group were offered up to three injections of corticosteroids over the course of a year. They also received printed instructions for gentle exercises to do at home.

Both groups had significant improvement in symptoms after one month, which continued over the one-year period of the study, the research team reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Patients’ scores on pain and disability were reduced by half with either treatment.

By the end of the year, 60 percent of the steroid injection group had returned to their primary care doctor for shoulder pain again, compared to 37 percent of the physical therapy group. The injection group was also more likely to end up having more injections or additional physical therapy.


There is no need to continue ignoring your shoulder pain. If you contact us at Vital Care Rehabilitation today, we can help you do something about this chronic pain that you’re dealing with so that you can avoid these problems and start feeling like yourself again.