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"Tim was my therapist and he did an excellent job helping me with my back pain. I would highly recommend vital care For anyone who needs physical therapy."
Feb 04, 2023
"My experience with vital care physical therapy was excellent. The entire staff is friendly and welcoming from the moment you walk in. I was treated for vertigo/balance issues, as well as a back injury. The treatment I received has made a noticeable difference in my life. Andrea is very knowledgeable and compassionate. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone needing physical therapy. "
Jan 19, 2023
"Very much appreciate the personal service. Andrea worked with me the entire therapy periods making minor corrections as needed."
Nov 10, 2022
"I started rehab with Andrea November 30, 2020. My challenges/issues were lower back pain along with severe left hip pain. Andrea was very through in her initial assessment and started targeted exercises to strengthen the hip muscles. As the hip got stronger, Andrea worked with me to determine core strengthening exercises I could do and not cause further pain to the lower back. She was very receptive to listening to me and providing feedback, as well as finding modifications to “traditional core strengthening exercises” that work very well for me. My overall experience with Vital Care and their staff was very positive. I would highly recommend them for physical therapy needs. "
Jan 30, 2021
"Vital Care is my favorite Physical Therapy of all time. What I have learned and the support I have received from Andrea, Tim, Rebecca and David! I am grateful for the CARE received here on many levels. Andrea not only listens but responds to needs that are immediate. I never took that care for granted. * There is a difference between OBSERVING and COMPLAINING. Nothing positive is ever achieved without hard work, PRACTICE, tenacity + persistence. Our bodies are DESIGNED for movement. I have observed the decline in my body when I gave up on myself. But each day is a new day to start fresh! Be wise. Listen. Trust these folks. Keep communication open. Thrive!"
Jan 19, 2021
"I was referred to Vital Care by my doctored and I'm glad I was. I was suffering from severe pain in my left shoulder and neck, along with suffering from vertigo. The staff at vital care were able to in a short time help me with my pain level. my should is pain free now and I have my vertigo under control and managed. I can't recommend vital care enough and give them a five star rating. That to me is 5 out of 5."
Oct 12, 2020
"I was very well taken care of and made much progress"
Aug 21, 2020
"Tim was great. Knows just how far to push you. Everyone was friendly. Tim really addressed the issues I had during my pt. Overall, my experience was as pleasant as possible considering the circumstances. I had a bilateral knee replacement."
Mar 24, 2020
"Everyone at Vital Care (Grand ave and Reems road) was very helpful and professional in my treatment after double-hip replacement surgery at core institute with Dr. Werner. Mainly dealt with Jordan and Krysten who were very nice and personable, also Michelle who did my initial evaluation. I also want to thank the front office for being helpful. My experience at vital care was very good and would recommend to all."
Jan 24, 2020
"I was very fortunate to be referred to Vital Care physical therapy for help with my sciatica. The people there are very professional, caring individuals. I appreciated the fact that they gave me the tools (instructional handouts) that I could use on days I was not receiving physical therapy and after my appointments were completed. This definitely helped speed my recovery. I am careful about the activities I do, but I am back to golfing and doing things I wondered if I would ever be able to do again. I would definitely return if I needed help in the future and overwhelmingly recommend them to others."
Jan 03, 2020
"Staff very professional, appointments on time. Sore right shoulder, definite improvement after 8 visits. "
Dec 11, 2019
"It was a pleasure to work with Michelle and the staff. They all wanted me to overcome my short comings. The made sure I was comfortable doing the exercises they put me through. When I became fatigued , they made sure that I recovered before continuing with the session. My thanks for all you did for me."
Nov 26, 2019
"Prior to physical therapy with Vital Care, I had minimal function to walk after foot surgery with no weight bearing allowed for eight weeks. Pain in my knee became an additional issue from using a knee walker as I began re-learning to walk. Andrea provided a very thorough evaluation and gave me hope of resolving all the troubled areas to restore my walking back to normal. She identified each affected area and provided me knowledge of what was causing the knee pain. The exercises and the tools she used, along with Krysten following through on the days in between time with Andrea, the progress was amazing. I looked forward to every visit and felt better each time I walked away. My confidence grew with each visit. I miss going to therapy. The team is great from the front desk to the therapy staff!! I highly recommend this location and every team member!! Thanks to all of you!!! I miss you!!"
Nov 03, 2019
"The Vital Care Physical Therapy team did a great job making my transition from full knee replacement to able to walk normally quick and as painless as possible. I cannot say enough about how they went above and beyond to help."
Aug 28, 2019
"My doctor recommended going to Vital Care for my back pain. I live in Sun City Grand so it was very convenient to go there. Michele was very thorough diagnosing my pain. She & the rest of the staff were very professional, kind & helpful. I highly recommend Vital Care to anyone. I have also gotten great reviews from my friends who have benefited from their therapy there. Thank you. "
Feb 10, 2019
"I came into your facility with severe neck & shoulder pain. I was wearing a cervical collar. I now have no pain. Tim was my therapist & I can't thank him enough for helping me to get well. He is definately my GO TO GUY. He gets an A PLUS in my book. I also must thank all your staff from receptionists to therapists & assistants, also Abby was a big help too. The staff makes you feel like you're family, so nice & polite, you facility is very clean & tidy. Would I refer Vital Care to my friends, I sure would. I also plan on telling my Doctor, who recommend your therapy, to continue to do so. I am so sorry it took so long to send you my review as I had to go out of town for a while. Yes you all get A Thumbs Up from me. Oops I forgot to mention, Michelle who did such a great job on my evaluation. Thanks Everybody."
Nov 05, 2018
"Vital Care Rehabilitation has been nothing but great for me. Michelle, Amber, Tira, Rebecca and all the staff are caring and understanding. They excel in their knowledge of getting limbs better. Having total knee replacement and being a 1st time rehab person, they have reassured me always. Doing things now that I would have never been able to do without Vital Care Rehabilitation! Thanks so much all of you!!!!"
May 04, 2018
"The best! Took care of my needs! One of the best physical therapy clinics."
Apr 27, 2018
"I worked with Andrea for BPPV, neck pain and balance issues. I am so pleased with the effective professional care I received. Vital Care is a top notch physical therapy facility!"
Dec 11, 2017
"The experience was very rewarding. I started with a lot of pain.I feel so much better. now. Andrea was very understanding and explained everything so well. I hope I don't need any more therapy but if I do this would be my choice of treatment. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Thank You so much."
Mar 08, 2017
"I went to Vital Care for a couple of months to help with my knees. Everyone there was so friendly and professional. I actually looked forward to having my therapy. The exercises they gave me were very helpful and yet not too difficult to do. Michelle and Kasey and Justin were all great to work with. Thanks, guys!"
Feb 15, 2017
"I feel great! I highly recommend them ."
Aug 22, 2016
"My experience with vital care was excellent. Everyone was very kind and helpful. I progressed at a rapid pace and got back my life better than when i started, I would reccomend vital care to anyone i know."
Aug 05, 2016
"Staff at Vital Care were a BIG help in evaluating and overseeing my rehab after meniscus surgery. My range of motion, strength and endurance have increased greatly. Kudos to Kacey, Rose and Michelle for getting me back on track. Let's not forget Tira too, she's the perfect person to greet you at the front desk; personable, professional and polite!"
Jul 22, 2016
"I came to Vital Care after knee replacement surgery, and they were fabulous! The entire staff was friendly and professional. My therapist, Timothy, was excellent. He was knowledgeable and caring, but pushed me when I needed to be pushed. I highly recommend Vital Care Rehab!"
Jun 16, 2016
"I came to Andrea because she helped me after my hip replacement. When I started with her I couldn't walk without terrible sciatic pain and had very severe weakness in my left leg. I graduated with almost no pain and am working on making my left leg even stronger. Andrea doesn't just do one size fits all. She really listens to what is going on and then tailors therapy for you. I would and have recommended Vital Care to anyone who needs some type of physical therapy. Thank You, Linda"
Jun 07, 2016
"staff was professional and friendly. enjoyed the pt. would recommend them.saw improvement in mobility."
May 31, 2016
"My Doctor tells me I need P.T. for my plantar fasciitis and recommends VITAL CARE on Grand Ave. I am a recently retired RN and may I say "very picky". I found VITAL CARE to be awesome in every aspect. The staff is very knowledgeable, kind, and respectful. I have now completed my treatments. No more foot pain! At home instructions were thoroughly explained and easy to follow. I say when the need arises; GO THERE."
May 25, 2016
"It was definitely 5Star.. Andrea and Kasey were very Professional and Patient. They were also very encouraging. I would recommend them for anyone for any PT needs.."
May 10, 2016
"TheVertigo was very depressing for me. I came to Vital Care and worked with Michelle, who was very good at going over all the exercises. I continued them at home and thanks to her, all the symptons and stress are gone. She was great. Thank you Michelle"
May 05, 2016
"After knee replacement surgery I came to Vital Care for rehab. At the beginning of treatment I could hardly lift my leg off the table. By the time I was done I could lift my leg with a 3 lb weight on it. All the staff is knowledgeable, patient and friendly. They made this difficult time actually enjoyable! Special thanks to my therapist Tim for pushing me beyond what I thought I could do. I highly recommend this place for your rehab."
Apr 28, 2016
"The entire staff is highly knowledgeable and caring. Tim and Andrea are fantastic, I would highly recommend them for an PT needs."
Apr 28, 2016
"I came to Vital Care in such pain I couldn't move. Michelle did an awesome job evaluating how I walk and move and giving me exercises that have helped me to not only get out of pain but know that for a lifetime I need to make changes in order to live a pain free life. She was delightful as well as Kacey and Andrea that helped fill in twice. I highly recommend Vital Care. They are very knowledgeable and the atmosphere among the therapists is very pleasant. THANK YOU!!!! "
Apr 27, 2016
"I am very glad my doctor recommended Vital Care to me for my rehab after knee replacement surgery. I found the staff there extremely friendly, and professional, especially Tim and Rose. I am very pleased with the results of my six weeks I spent under their care. I would definitely recommend Vital Care to anyone who is in need of rehab therapy."
Apr 07, 2016
"I am from Illinois. This last summer I fell and broke my upper arm. After two months of immobility I had a frozen shoulder. I came to AZ. With very limited movement, and today I had my last session. I am so very pleased with the progress I've made in a short time thanks to the therapists at Vital Care. I'll be going home with an arm that I can again use."
Mar 21, 2016
"I was treated by Vital Care for a shoulder injury and am impressed by their professional and friendly staff. The therapists are knowledgeable and thorough, and, more importantly, honest with my evaluation. Treatment was personalized and specific to my needs. I highly recommend them without reservation,"
Mar 21, 2016
"Second tour here, for different reasons. Each has been very successful taking care of the problem, I was especially pleased with the care I received by Andrea. I would highly recommend Vital Care to anyone who has any type rehab problem."
Mar 10, 2016
"I came to Vital Care with a broken shoulder. Michele was assigned to me and she was fabulous. She knew all the right moves for me to do and was very patient. She asked all the right questions regarding pain levels. It was a very enjoyable experience."
Mar 06, 2016
"I live in Surprise, AZ (Sun City Grand) which is close to your location. My prescription was for treatment of soft tissue pain in my right knee. I will, at some time, need to have my knee replaced so I need to strengthen the muscles, etc. to help control pain following surgery. I found everyone at Vital Care to be pleasant, but also task driven. I am pleased with my progress and I will be back for more help!"
Mar 02, 2016
"I moved to AZ in 1999 from CO. Quite a change. From the first visit I felt welcome by each member on the staff. Most of my time was spent with Tim and Rose but, Andrea never failed to asked how I was doing. I would not hesitate to recommend Vital Care to any person needing therapy."
Mar 01, 2016
"I have lived in Sun City West since 2004. I found Vital Care Rehab because my massage therapist rented a room at their facility when there were also in SCW. Because of the care I saw them giving, when I had need of P/T from surgeries, etc., I asked to go to Vital Care. Each time I've needed therapy, I have always received top quality care at V/C. Therapists are very knowledgeable and work with you to develop the best rehab program possible. Currently, I'm learning specific strengthening exercises. Kristy has been super in helping me with my program. I highly recommend Vital Care!"
Feb 24, 2016
"The team did a very good job, very pleasant to work with very professional. They helped me a lot. I now can play golf."
Feb 23, 2016
"I am from Sun City West, AZ, I started PT because of many pains in my shoulder and hip. I could hardly lift my left arm when I started with Vital Care. Now I have full use and almost no pain at night. I am very happy with the results of my PT and the staff is so supportive and nice I can't recommend them enough."
Feb 19, 2016
"I had an excellent experience here. Kacey helped me increase my range of motion and decrease my pain in my SI joint from a 5 year old injury. I would recommend her to anyone!"
Feb 19, 2016
"I am from Surprise and was so glad my insurance referred me to Vital Care. They are so caring and personable. They take the time to get to know your needs and find what therapy best worked for me. I came in with a knee injury and was unable to lift my knee without pain, also I could not even get down to the floor to work with my students. Now that my therapy is complete, I am able to do things I haven't been able to do in more than 6 months. I am so happy with my outcome and recommend if you need therapy to come and see them at Vital Care."
Feb 18, 2016
"Great group of therapists. Friendly atmosphere."
Feb 18, 2016
"The therapist I worked with were great, very friendly like family.. My experience and foot are almost 100%"
Feb 12, 2016
"I worked with Michele and Kacey. They are both great to work with. They're both caring, understood my needs. I'm now able to bend over and turn without causing back pain. The exercises they gave me have improved my ability to do everyday activities."
Feb 03, 2016
"This has been my first PT experience where the group started by asking me what hurt and what I would like addressed during the therapy. They already knew I had a sciatica issue!"
Feb 02, 2016
"I live in Sun City Grand. After having surgery on my Right shoulder for torn rotator cuff, torn tendon , & bone spurs, I came to Vital Care for rehab as recommended by Dr Cody Olsen. A bad fall set me back so l am 3 months into physical therapy and making slow recovery."
Jan 29, 2016
"They helped me greatly with my knee rehabilitation, very friendly staff and caring."
Jan 19, 2016
"The staff and therapists were all very friendly and helpful. My problems were addressed by Andrea and she was so caring and concerned about all my issues. I would recommend Vital Care to anyone who needs PT"
Jan 14, 2016
"This was my second experience with PT and it was the best! The staff and facilities were excellent. Andrea was so caring and worked on all my concerns. I will recommend her to others who need PT."
Jan 14, 2016
"Michelle is an excellent PT. Very caring, very dedicated. Improved balance, ability to stand."
Dec 31, 2015
"I've gone through 2 rounds of PT over the last 2 years (for different reasons) and both times were good experiences. The staff is friendly and caring. They listened to my concerns and addressed them. If I need PT again, that's where I will go back to. :-)"
Nov 08, 2015
"I was here for PT for right PCL, Staff was awesome overseeing my Physical Therapy, and showing me exercises to improve my PCL, and inhance my Cardiovascular activity. Kacey, Susan, and Feliks were great to work.."
Oct 28, 2015
"My experience at Vital Care was totally positive. All the staff were warm and friendly. The treatment was professional and very helpful. I am sold on this place and invite you to find out for yourself, Vital Care is a place for anyone!"
Oct 16, 2015
"My husband told me to come here, and it really helped him. I found the staff very friendly, and they helped me with the neck pain that I was having. Great place to go, if you need help with pain."
Oct 15, 2015
"This has been an awesome 12 weeks of rehab after my total knee replacement/reconstruction. The office staff is so professional and helpful. The physical therapists are the best. I have been at other PT places -- and this one is "top-notch"! I was always welcomed with open arms and left with a smile on my face. Every one of the physical therapists was easy to work with and very knowledgeable. The spirit of the room was always upbeat and that was important to me. Thanks so much for the wonderful experience of "physical therapy". I can now go on to better days ahead."
Oct 14, 2015
"Sue was better than excellent in bringing in effective simple exercises that I could do to build up the hip muscles without affecting the emphysema condition. I would highly recommend Vital Care to anyone."
Oct 13, 2015
"I came in with a left rotator cuff surgery. I worked with Tim Saul, he and the staff were easy to work with and very helpful. I would recommend their service and company to anyone...."
Oct 09, 2015
"Very good help!"
Oct 09, 2015
"I came for post-operative therapy after a cervical fusion. My goals of optimum movement were met. I found the staff to be friendly and eager to help me meet my goals. I worked with Kacey and Andrea did my evalulation at the beginning and the end. I'm happy to have achieved my goals with the help of this great staff. Thank you very much."
Oct 08, 2015
"Surprise, Shoulder Therapy. I felt everyone at the office had a solid mixture of professional, personable, and courtesy care. I would definitely refer friends and family to the office for any PT care needed. I've been through physical therapy before and this experience has been amazing!"
Oct 07, 2015
"I like the person who I started with stuck with me throughout the session without having and intern take over."
Oct 02, 2015
"I am from Texas and just moved to Arizona. I have trouble with balance and flexibility. Through my therapy my flexibility has improved and I feel like my balance is getting better."
Sep 30, 2015
"Very good experience, good staff, positive staff, very qualified. All staff was great! I am able to walk independently, i am more independent."
Sep 24, 2015
"Great staff, very knowledgeable and took care of my calf problem. If I have trouble in the future I will come back here."
Sep 24, 2015
"Surprise, Shoulder pain. The staff is courteous and friendly. Provided outstanding care and ensured my road to recovery was a success. They set achievable goals to get a person on the road to recovery."
Sep 09, 2015
"Was very satisfied with the service I received while a patient at Vital Care Rehab. A wonderful, clean facility with very knowledgeable and caring staff. Will recommend to friends in need of help!"
Aug 15, 2015
"Came in for total knee replacement. Did better than expected and all the staff was great. Sue was wonderful and so encouraging. Loved every minute of it."
Aug 13, 2015
"Very pleasant experience. Excellent relief of pain."
Aug 07, 2015
"Andrea was very patient with me and had me do exercises which helped loosen me up some even though I am 86 years old and have had arthritis for 60 years.. The massage therapy helped the pain in my back which was preventing me from standing up straight."
Aug 07, 2015
"The facility is neat and clean. All personnel were very pleasant and concerned with me as a customer. The treatment was well directed to my problem and I made steady progress improving a condition that I have had for many years."
Aug 06, 2015
"I was very pleased with my progress and I was treated like a valued customer. The facility is neat and clean with caring personnel and great equipment."
Aug 06, 2015
"Sun City West, Seen in office for Hip & Rotater Cuff. Found experience at the office to be very enjoyable, felt encouraged to succeed, and overall staff was very helpful. Accommidating with scheduling. I would definitely refer other here and would return should I need to."
Aug 05, 2015
"Surprise, Seen at office for lower back pain. Very professional staff really stood out, great personalities, and thorough treatment done and plan on continuing requested exercises. I would refer friends, family, and strangers to this office."
Aug 05, 2015
"I have a deep sense of gratitude for the entire staff at Vital Care. Everyone whom I came in contact with there between mid December and the end of July always treated me with concern and respect. They always had a confident and professional response to any concerns that I brought forward. Their team saw me at the absolute worst point of my life and worked with me along the road to full recovery. Kacey Kline has been my primary contact there. I highly recommend her to anyone that is searching for help in their recovery."
Jul 31, 2015
"Surprise, Sciatica (pain in my right side). Very nice office, would recommend other people here. This was my second time working with the staff at this office, I was here 2 years ago, too."
Jul 30, 2015
"Amazing experience! Pain was gone after just a few days."
Jul 29, 2015
"David and Andrea are such caring people. I've work with them for years now. If you need physical therapy and are in Surprise, I recommend Vital Care Physical Therapy."
Jul 21, 2015
"Surprise, Post op from Knee surgery. I appreicated the personal attention as well as the professionalism of the facility. I would definitely refer other people to this office."
Jul 17, 2015
"Fantastic group of people certainly helped improve my overall situation and condition. Can't thank you all enough: Andrea & Kacey, you are both the best :-)"
Jul 14, 2015
"Am very impressed with the professional and caring way that my physical therapy was conducted. I will certainly use this facility in the future if I have the need. Thanks."
Jul 13, 2015
"Surprise, Seen for muscle tear in knee. I found scheduling was easy and flexible. Very clean office with friendly people. I would recommend this office for therapy."
Jul 08, 2015
"Sun City West. Seen for strengthening lumbar muscles after surgery."
Jul 07, 2015
"Excellent choice for rehab. People were warm, friendly, and most important, effective. Would recommend highly to anyone who needs this type of care. Head and shoulders above the others that I used. I live in Sun City West and will return for any follow up care I might need. Thank you everyone, you made my recovery possible."
Jul 07, 2015
"El MIrage, Therapy required for reverse shoulder replacement. The entire experience at this facility was excellent. I highly recommend using this service."
Jul 01, 2015
"I'm from Surprise AZ. I'm a return patient as I liked my care the first time. I had a very severe ankle injury which they were able to heal me with great care. The entire staff is very friendly and they made my experience very enjoyable. I especially want to give kudos to Kasey, Andrea, Cathy and Rose for taking good care of me and Deidra at the front desk was awesome as well. Great staff, great care."
Jun 29, 2015
"I'm from Surprise as a returning patient. Years ago I was a patient at the Sun City office. Liked them so much I returned with a severe ankle injury. "
Jun 29, 2015
"Surprise, Az. Came in for therapy for a new right hip. I would and recommend Vital Care Physical Therapy to everyone who requires the best care ever with friendly and well qualified personal."
Jun 29, 2015
"I found it very satisfying. Cathy was fun and I felt she did an excellent job. I have had PT before but this was the best."
Jun 25, 2015
"I had lots of back pain when I started and it is now mostly gone. The staff have been wonderful and have given me lots of helpful hints to improve my every day living. I'm very happy with the whole experience."
Jun 23, 2015
"Sun City West, AZ. I came to PT for foot pain. Andrea, Tim, and Rose worked with me with exercises and massage to ease the pain. It has helped immensely and along with home work it should relieve all the pain. This facility is convenient and easy to get to. The office staff are all helpful and personable and making appointments was easy. The only minus I can find is that later in the day, parking can be a problem. I would highly recommend Vital Care."
Jun 19, 2015
"Sun City West, Seen for post-op L. Knee replacement. Liked that I knew my therapist well and he took the time to get to know me. I felt the exercises given were prefect for my recovery. I have already referred others to this office. Both myself and my husband have had services at this office before, very professional."
Jun 19, 2015
"Sun City West, AZ. Came to Vital Care after two-stage back surgery for metastatic cancer. Felt somewhat weak when I came in and had back pain. Andrea did the intake eval and Tim did the rest of the therapy. Very professional staff and extremely competent. Friendly and supportive. I got stronger and stronger and the exercises were perfect for my needs. Tim gave me the best therapy I have ever had. My husband needs back surgery now and I will request that the doctor send us to Vital Care when he is ready for therapy. Thank you all for the wonderful healing experience."
Jun 18, 2015
"I am from Surprise. I had a great experience here and all the therapists were very helpful and friendly. It made a tough experience just a little brighter. Plus they had good tips to give me to help my knee improve that I could do at home."
Jun 17, 2015
"Sun City Grand in Surprise. I had my hip replaced and chose Vital Care in Surprise for my rehab due to convenience and the preview given me by Andrea prior to surgery. The care and professionalism I experienced was superb, and I was able to reach my recovery goals in less than 4 weeks. They challenged me to success."
Jun 16, 2015
"Sun City West, AZ..Came to PT for right hip pain. Andrea, Sue, Tim, Cathy, Rose & all staff are extremely professional and personable. The deep massages were sometimes excrutiating, but so helpful in the end, and allowing for greater movement. This is my third time at the PT facility (for three different issues) and they are the best! I will always choose this facility because of the professional staff, easy scheduling and easy access to the facility. Thank you all for your excellent care."
Jun 12, 2015
"Could not ask for more from everyone. When I started rehab on my right knee, I could not do one revolution on the bike. After 5 weeks, I was doing 30 min under load."
Jun 12, 2015
"I am not sure if this will appear since I wrote one comment earlier and could not find it? I completed my rehab program for rotator cuff surgery and Andrea (DPT) & Rose (MT) were excellent. I would recommend their service to anyone in need of a Rehab program. Thx "Raf" "
Jun 11, 2015
"The ease of walking and sitting is greatly improved."
Jun 11, 2015
"I was very pleased with the staff who were very pleasant and knowledgeable. The entire experience was positive and helpful. I would recommend this physical therapy office.always. Physical thereapy helped me greatly."
Jun 10, 2015
"All the staff was very friendly and were very nice to me. I was there for a minor problem and it was all cured when I finished with the therapies."
Jun 08, 2015
"Sun City West, Post Op Back Surgery Therapy. I think it's a great facility and the people are just wonderful. I would absolutely recommend others to this office. Glad to be done :)"
Jun 08, 2015
"Very satisfied with my improvements since my first visit. The staff is very professional and Tim is wonderful. I highly recommend this location to anyone needing help with physical therapy."
Jun 05, 2015
"My injury was a bimalleolar fracture (ankle) with surgical repair. Excellent communication from staff. Each staff member that worked with me very professional, friendly and helpful. I was seen promptly for all visits. I would recommend this practice to anyone requiring physical therapy."
Jun 05, 2015
"from Sun City West. I came here with a knee replacement. Made all my goals with the help of all the staff here. Making appointments was easy. All of the staff was very professional and friendly."
Jun 05, 2015
"Staff is knowledgeable and explains the exercises well.Physical therapy provided was excellent."
Jun 05, 2015
"Surprise, Seen for ankle pain. Good service. I would definitely refer others to the office."
Jun 04, 2015
"Surprise, Had plantar fasciitis, extremely painful. After three cortisone shots this was my last stop before surgery.. I was amazed at the caring, professional staff and the results were beyond belief. Now I can easily walk 3 miles without any pain."
Jun 03, 2015
"Staff is very knowledgeable, felt very comfortable coming here.. I worked with Kacey, who worked well with me, she helped me alot."
Jun 02, 2015
"Kathy is wonderful to work with. She shows me how to do PT and absolutely love her!! I recommend working with her. I am able to use walk on my own, without using cane and walker.."
Jun 01, 2015
"Therapist was always looking out for my well-being and my comfort. very professional at all times. I met ALL GOALS! Kacey was a great with encouraging me, Andrea was amazing!!"
Jun 01, 2015
"I actually enjoyed coming to PT. All my therapists were extremely kind and very helpful. Everything I learned has been extremely helpful and easy to do so I can continue to help myself at home. I went to the Surprise office and everyone there was very professional."
May 31, 2015
"Everyone was great -- from front desk to therapists. Emily was very caring and helpful. Very glad to have my PT here."
May 29, 2015
"Left shoulder hurt all the time. Much difficulty shutting car door, scrubbing back during shower, turning car steer wheel while in parking areas. Same difficulty but to a greater degree of improvement, pain only in extended positions and not constant as previous. Getting up on other side of bed and keeping thumbs up make a very substantial difference."
May 28, 2015
"GREAT! Emily, was amazing. All staff was great.."
May 28, 2015
"Surprise, Shoulder pain. The staff is courteous and friendly. Provided outstanding care and ensured my road to recovery was a success. They set achievable goals to get a person on the road to recovery."
May 28, 2015
"Surprise, Seen at office for lower back pain. Very professional staff really stood out, great personalities, and thorough treatment done and plan on continuing requested exercises. I would refer friends, family, and strangers to this office."
May 28, 2015
"Sun City West, Seen in office for Hip & Rotater Cuff. Found experience at the office to be very enjoyable, felt encouraged to succeed, and overall staff was very helpful. Accommidating with scheduling. I would definitely refer other here and would return should I need to."
May 28, 2015
"Surprise, Shoulder Therapy. I felt everyone at the office had a solid mixture of professional, personable, and courtesy care. I would definitely refer friends and family to the office for any PT care needed. I've been through physical therapy before and this experience has been amazing!"
May 27, 2015
"Very good experience, good staff, positive staff, very qualified. All staff was great! I am able to walk independently, i am more independent."
May 27, 2015
"I was here for PT for right PCL, Staff was awesome overseeing my Physical Therapy, and showing me exercises to improve my PCL, and inhance my Cardiovascular activity. Kacey, Susan, and Feliks were great to work.."
May 26, 2015
"I have more strength and mobility."
May 22, 2015
"Surprise, AZ. Rehab for Knee Replacement. Everyone was very personable and helpful. Offered good advice. I would definitely return to the office should I need any additional therapy."
May 22, 2015
"Sue is terrific. I was treated for my left shoulder. I am feeling great!"
May 21, 2015
"Lower back Pain, I am able to stand for long periods of times, also with sitting, I would get muscle spasims while sitting, and now I know how to control with stretches and exercises. Have strength training to alleviate the discomfort..Sue Dugo showed and explained different ways of accomplishing tasks to strengthen my back muscles. Also what not to do,,, This was a very good experience working with all those at Vital Care and would highly recommend their services."
May 21, 2015
"Everything felt better after therapy. Kory was great and Kacey, the entire staff was helpful."
May 20, 2015
"I am a returning patient...saw Andrea for knee replacement 7 years ago...great results then and equally happy today...I was referred here to try to avoid rotator cuff surgery...trouble with using the arm for everyday activities and now find I am again able to do things.Very happy!"
May 20, 2015
"Sun City West; Came due to pain in wrist; wrist was fractured from a fall playing picleball in November; had trouble lifting much or twisting jar covers both of which are much improved due to PT. Staff was terrific!"
May 20, 2015
"This facility is wonderful. Very clean, well staffed. Kaci,and Cory are oiutstanding therapists as well as Andrea. I will recomend thisj faculity,"
May 20, 2015
"David and his group did a great job with my mom they went out of there way to make every convenience to help her get better.Thank you for taking care of my mom"
May 19, 2015
"Came to PT with 2 broken ankles and multiple fractures on my right foot. I was in quite a lot of pain. With the wonderful help & expertise of Angela and Rose, I now have very little discomfort and am able to do a lot of activities that I was not able to do previously.i.e. Clean house!! Enjoyed the phone automated appointment confirmation. Good reminder. Scheduling was a snap and the receptionist was very pleasant and helpful. All of the staff were very friendly and made me feel at home."
May 19, 2015
"Surprise, Sciatica pain. I felt like everything from front to back office was really good. Emily was my therapist and did a great job, couldn't have asked for a better therapist. I would definitely refer people to this office."
May 18, 2015
"Everything felt better after therapy. Kory was great and Kacey, the entire staff was helpful."
May 15, 2015
"Sun City West, Balance Issues. Everything was wonderful especially Emily. I would return if I needed to. Good Handouts for home exercises."
May 15, 2015
"I actually enjoyed coming to PT. All my therapists were extremely kind and very helpful. Everything I learned has been extremely helpful and easy to do so I can continue to help myself at home. I went to the Surprise office and everyone there was very professional."
May 15, 2015
"I came in for stiffness an pain in my neck and upper trapezoid muscle. I was given excercises as well as my treatments. Today the stiffnes is gone. I won't know about the pain until I put a specific pressure on it. It was believed that the problem was due to a weakness in my muscle between my shoulder blades. The excercises were to strengthen this area. I believe they worked. The staff both front office and back were incredibly pleasant and very helpful. Everything was explained and I felt there was a real caring for their patients. I noticed this among all the people being treated"
May 13, 2015
"I came in for an elbow and shoulder problem. The therapy has made a huge difference in my elbow and helped ease the injury to my shoulder. This is the third time I've been treated at Vital Care in the past few years. Andrea's and Tim's skill in treatment is great. Andrea was my therapist this time and I can't really even describe how her treatments have have relieved my pain. The whole staff from the front office to back is welcoming, professional and responsive. The therapy assistants, like Rose, are very responsive and offer good guidance as you work through your terapy routine."
May 13, 2015
"While one doesn't look forward to PT, my experience at Vital Care has been wonderful. They are proficient at everything starting with organizing your appointments, reminders the day beforehand, evaluation and, probably most important, setting you on the road to recovery with great techniques, assistance and care. Thanks to all the staff with a special nod to Tim!"
May 13, 2015
"Surprise, Left Knee Replacement, I feel I got excellent service from Tim & Derek and everyone involved was very nice and helpful. Also, got positive feedback from Banner Health care regarding facility."
May 13, 2015
"I started with leg pain, trouble bending.With the help I got I'm able to move better."
May 13, 2015
"Surprise, Came to get more strength in my legs and better balance The strength in my legs has been greatly improved The balance still needs improved"
May 13, 2015
"This place is great! All the staff takes a genuine interest in your rehabilitation. Emily was an absolute superstar. Having experienced very poor care At Canyon rehab two years ago I was a little nervous. I worked as a CCRN for a number of years and this place more than met my expectations."
May 12, 2015
"The staff did a great job. They did everything they could to help with neuropathy"
May 08, 2015
"I am very pleased with my experience. Every one is friendly and professional."
May 07, 2015
"Staff is exceptional."
May 06, 2015
"Excellent results . Thank you"
May 05, 2015
"massages was great and laser...everybody here is very friendly"
May 05, 2015
"All the therapists were caring, informative and concerned about me."
May 04, 2015
"I received great care while getting my knee rehabilitated. The staff was wonderful and my results were fantastic. Can't say enough about this clinic."
May 04, 2015
"Excellent service great staff"
May 04, 2015
"All of the staff he has helped in my recovery during my treatment and I would recommend them to anyone who needs PT treatment."
May 04, 2015
"learned new info"
May 04, 2015
"Thank you for your help! I liked working with Kacey and Tim. Thanks for making it fun and helping my shoulder after my car accident!"
May 04, 2015
"good job thanks"
May 01, 2015
"Great experience"
Apr 30, 2015
"Very professional experience. Crystal, Kasey, Emily, Andrea, office staff, everyone are special. The guys are good, too. Almost hated to get better."
Apr 30, 2015
"excellent tremendous help"
Apr 30, 2015
"very good. couldn't ask for nicer or more qualified staff."
Apr 30, 2015
"Sherry is an amazing leader and can help anyone who desires to work from home achieve their goals & dreams. She is the real deal! Sherry truly cares about helping others & it shows!"
Apr 22, 2015
"Great and flexible staff. Highly recommended for any and all physical therapy needs. "
Apr 07, 2015
"My daughter had physical therapy there. Everyone was professional and courteous. and they made physical therapy fun! She looked forward to coming to PT. Thanks guys for doing a great job! "
Mar 27, 2015

I injured my knee training for my physical fitness military exam. My first thought was that I needed to get and MRI. Thankfully, I was able to see Dr. Sam and get my knee evaluated. He was extremely professional and knowledgable. He took time to explain to me what was going on with my knee, developed a personalized plan, and gave me the tools I needed to recover quickly.

Ben J.